Noemi is the niece of the Italian King and Queen and cousin of Princess Nicoletta, heir to the throne of Italy. She, her sister Orabella and Nicoletta became close friends with America Singer and supported her as the future queen of Illéa. She made a briefly appearance during The Elite.

She is most known in the series when she and the Italian royal family came to the palace for the reception America and Kriss planned in The Elite. She and Orabella were the two Italians that America mainly entertained during the reception. They attempted to get America drunk so she would talk more and more about Maxon.


America described all the Italian ladies of the Royal Family who came to the palace for a visit as "statuesque." They were "tall, golden skinned, and absolutely beautiful," and they were "all so good-natured. It is like they carry the sun inside their souls and let it shine out on everything around them."

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