Olivia Witts was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for the Selection.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before a taping of the Illéa Capital Report on a Friday, Olivia was wearing an orange dress. America Singer and Marlee Tames thought that she should have been stopped by someone because the dress altered the color of her skin to more of a green. However, the green color may have been because Olivia was sick as she vomited loudly two minutes before the taping started in a trashcan that was close. After that she "collapsed on the floor." Silvia ended up wiping off Olivia's sweat before the Selected girl was put "in the back row with a small receptacle at her feet, just in case." America noticed that Bariel Pratt, who was sitting in front of Olivia, said something to Olivia and looked like she would hurt her if Olivia got sick around her.

At dinner one night, Maxon announced that Two's and Three's would not receive their payment for being in the Selection. Kriss Ambers theorized that it could be a test because there could be some people who were in the Selection for the money. Fiona Castley nudged Olivia and nodded towards America, probably suggesting America was one or could be one of those people.

After the girls had been there for two weeks, after America and Maxon had their first kiss, Maxon kissed Olivia on the rooftop of the Palace. According to her, they were looking out over the wall at the city that, what they could see, was "glittering" before he "didn't really say anything. He just pulled me in and kissed me." Olivia was joyful over this. She later came into the Women's Room bragging about it, which ended up surprising America since she thought she was the only one that Maxon had kissed. Olivia, after Marlee urged her to tell them about it, sat down and "fanned out her dress." America thought that it appeared that Olivia was "practicing to be princess." Olivia's talk over her getting kissed by Maxon prompted the other girls to ask her questions. Kriss, America, and Tuesday Keeper then discussed amongst themselves if she was the sole girl that had gotten kissed by Maxon or even if there was merit to her claim.

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