Hide these (Josie Woodwork's notebooks) in your room, okay? And if anyone asks, you haven't seen me.
Osten Schreave to Eadlyn Schreave

Osten Schreave is the son of Maxon and America and the youngest Prince of Illéa. He is the youngest of four children, his older siblings being Eadlyn, Ahren, and Kaden. He makes his first appearance in The Heir and then also appears in The Crown.


When America's pregnancy was announced, people threw parties and celebrated in Illéa. He was born when Eadlyn and Ahren were both eight and Kaden was four. According to Maxon, when he was born, his birth created "one of the best seasons in our country."

At the beginning of The Heir, Osten had taken Josie Woodworks' notebooks and gave them to Eadlyn who put them on the ground.

After Eadlyn went on her date with Jack Ranger, and he was sent home, Osten was with his siblings. He was on the phone with someone and was planning something in Paloma, which is Jack's home province.


Osten happens to be quite mischievous. He also seems to enjoy making fun of Eadlyn and the Selected Men. He can be sneaky since he knows how to outrun his nanny and steal Josie's notebooks. He is America's favorite and therefore he is more close to America.


According to Kiera Cass, Osten has America's coloring, with red hair and blue eyes. Eadlyn stated that he is "mischievously adorable".


  • Kiera Cass stated that from the three sons of Maxon and America, Osten is her favorite, calling him "trouble in a suit".
  • He is considered the funniest out of all 4 of his siblings.
  • His niece Kerttu threw all her flower petals at him.
  • According to Eadlyn, her daughter Kerttu is as impish as Osten.
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