Paige is a supporting character appearing briefly in The One.


Paige was initially a Four and she used to live with her father. They had a restaurant, but her grandmother had made some rule that he was supposed to leave it to her aunt when he died, not to his daughter. Probably, her grandmother was worried that Paige's aunt wouldn't have anything. However, her aunt hated her. After her father died, she inherited the restaurant, but she also had to take care of her niece. Paige's aunt would hit her and not give her enough food, calling her fat. Paige had to sneak food to cope with this.

At first, Paige thought to take refuge in a friend's home, but then she considered that her aunt would come and get her back, so she just ran away from home. She took some money, but got robbed the second night in the streets, eventually becoming an Eight. Along with some other girls, she was forced into prostitution in order to survive. They worked together and shared all the profits. Paige tried to act tough, but she always felt devastated and humiliated and would always cry afterward.

During such a night, Paige found America wandering alone in the streets, after she was shot in her right arm by Southern rebels and ran away from Prince Maxon, Aspen, and Avery. Although she was afraid at first and didn't want to get in trouble too, she kindly kept America company, narrating her story and offering to go and find painkillers and stitches for her. America was very grateful and moved by this unknown girl, who tried to be kind and brave, no matter her cruel fate. When Maxon, Aspen, and Avery finally found America after fighting off the rebels, America asked Maxon to help Paige, so that she would have a real job, food, and comfort. He took her to the palace to work as a kitchen maid, under the guidance of Marlee. Later, she becomes a personal maid for Queen America, together with Mary.

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