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The Palace

Name The Palace
Location Angeles of Illéa
Founder Illéa Family
Inhabitants Schreave Family
Woodwork Family
Royal Servants
Royal Guards
Appearances The Selection
The Elite
The One
The Prince
The Guard
The Queen
The Favorite
The Heir
The Crown

The Palace, located in Angeles, is the main setting of the Selection Series. It's the home of the Royal family and during the Selection the home of the Selected Girls and the Selected Men.

Just a few scenes weren't set in the palace. For example, the beginning of The Selection and a few scenes in The One.


The palace has four floors (which includes the sub-floor) and includes a garden, a forest and stables. Many palace servants work and live there as well as the Royal Family.

In the first floor, the following rooms are known: The Great Room, the Women's Room, The Men's Room, the Dining room, and the hospital wing.

On the second floor, there are the living quarters for the Selected. During Prince Maxon's Selection, America Singer had a room "tucked around a corner in a little hallway with Bariel, Tiny, and Jenna." Marlee Tames had a room that was in the "middle of things" during that time. There are balconies on some rooms, but it is unknown how many balconies the palace has.

In the third floor, there are rooms for the royal family. Maxon's suite is there, as well as the princess suite adjoined to his. It was forbidden for the Selected to go there without any permission. After Maxon and America were married, they moved into the King's and the Queen's adjoined suites. The Woodwork family also lives on the same floor, something that is considered a great honor.

Sub-Floor: Below the ground floor, there is a large expanse underground where the servants live and where the Theater is, as well as the kitchen and the Report room.


Report Room - The weekly Report of Illéa is filmed there. During the Selection, the Selected did interviews with Gavril Fadaye, as well as speeches. Information about the country are given there for the Illéan people. It is located on the sub-floor.

Safe Rooms - In the palace there are many safe rooms. The Great Hall is under the earth and the safest of all. The royal family, advisers ,and the Selected spent their time there during rebels attacks. The palace servants like maids have small rooms in the floors of the palace. Normally they are safe in the kitchen, but if they work upstairs it is safer to go to the small rooms.

There are three different ways to unlock a safe room:

  • A guard with a key unlocks it
  • If one of the persons inside it has a key (Maxon stated that he carries one)
  • After 48 hours they unlock automatically.

America's maids said that the palace has its own jeweler, shoe makers as well as its own clothing boutiques.

Banquet Room - There is a room specifically for hosting parties for guests. A larger dining room set aside for when guests- relatives of the royal family or guests/ambassadors from a different country- visit the palace. It is located on the first floor.

Known Current Residents[]

The Royal Family:

Maxon Schreave (the King)

America Schreave (the Queen)

Eadlyn Schreave (the Princess)

Kaden Schreave (the middle Prince)

Osten Schreave (the youngest Prince)

The Woodwork Family:

Marlee Woodwork (works at the Palace)

Carter Woodwork (works at the Palace)

Kile Woodwork

Josie Woodwork







The Selected Men

Known Previous Residents[]

Various members of the Royal Family:

Clarkson Schreave (deceased)

Amberly Schreave (deceased)

Porter Schreave (deceased)

Abby Schreave (deceased)

Ahren Schreave (moved to France)

Gregory Illéa (deceased)

Bethany Illéa (deceased)

Spencer Illéa (deceased)

Damon Illéa (deceased)

Grace Lowell-Illéa (deceased)

Justin Illéa (deceased)


Aspen Leger (lives in a house near the palace)




Tanner (deceased)

Maids/ Palace Servants:

Lucy Leger (lives in a house near the palace)

Anne (deceased)




The Selected


  • Kiera Cass wrote on her tumblr account that the palace even has lifts for disabled people, but they weren't used often.
  • Kiera Cass also stated on her website, "", that the Palace does not have a pool because King Clarkson believed that having a pool at the Palace would be "frivolous".
  • According to Kiera Cass' tumblr post , Spelling Manor (located in Los Angeles) is the closest thing that looks like the palace to her- except that it was supposed to have four floors.
  • Eadlyn stated that one of the first things she would do as a queen will be building a pool in the palace gardens.