Piper was a supporting character that appeared in the novella The Queen as a member of the Selection during Queen Amberly's Selection along with King (then Prince) Clarkson.

Biography Edit

One day at the Women's Room, Queen Abby walked in and threatened the Selected girls after she heard a gossip that included Tia. She threw Tia out first and then warned the reamining girls. Queen Abby hurt Piper's face with "her finger" which left "a moon-shape" before Queen Abby slapped Amberly Station. After Queen Abby left, Amberly hugged Piper who was crying and talked to her.

On an episode of "The Report", Gavril Fadaye asked Piper a question. Piper beamed "a winning smile and took a breath. Then another." She was frightened to answer, because Queen Abby had "warned (the girls) to be silent." Pesha tried to call Piper back to attention, but "Piper finally shook her head." Panicked, Gavril didn't know what should be done, but Amberly answered the question instead.

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