Porter Schreave was the second husband of Abby Schreave and the fourth king of Illéa. He was the father of King Clarkson and the grandfather of Prince Maxon.


Abby, the winner of the second Selection, liked Prince Justin just fine, but was more attracted to his cousin, Porter. They conspired together to kill Justin, and Gregory, who was close to death, encouraged her to marry Porter to continue the royal lineage.

Abby humbly accepted Porter's proposal and she was pregnant with his son well before the wedding. But their passion for each other soon faded. If Abby could so easily dispose of her first husband, why not her second? Porter kept his distance and their only son, Clarkson, grew up in a home full of screaming, accusations, and occasional violence. This would form his character into a strict and short-tempered king in the future, sometimes violent even to his son, Maxon.

Porter was the only crowned king of Illéa other than Gregory Illéa to not have his own Selection.

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