Prince Maxon's Selection took place after his father's and before his daughter's, Princess Eadlyn.

For a shortened list of the Selected Girls and the Elite go to The Selected.

This particular Selection competition takes place during the first three novels of the Selection series.

The Summary

Summary To Come

Events During the Selection

The following events took place during Prince Maxon's Selection.

Kriss' Birthday Party

Halloween party

Reception of German Federation and Italy

The Convicting

The Selected Women

The follow girls called "The Selected" were each hand-picked (while supposedly in a lottery) by King Clarkson and his advisors for looks, talent, relationships or Caste and brought to the Palace- one from each Province.

  1. Marlee Tames from Kent, Four
  2. Elayna Stoles from Hansport, Three
  3. Tuesday Keeper from Waverly, Four
  4. Olivia Witts from Zuni, Three
  5. Fiona Castley from Paloma, Three
  6. Celeste Newsome from Clermont, Two
  7. Emmica Brass from Tammins, Four
  8. Samantha Lowell from Sonage, Three
  9. Tiny Lee  from Dakota, Three
  10. Kriss Ambers from Columbia, Three
  11. Bariel Pratt from Sota, Two
  12. Ashley Brouillette from Allens, Three
  13. Janelle Stanton from Likely, Three
  14. Amy Everheart from Atlin, Three
  15. Tallulah Bell from Hudson, Two
  16. Anna Farmer from Honduragua, Four
  17. Kayleigh Poulin from Sumner, Three
  18. Emily Arnold from Labrador, Three
  19. Elizabeth O’Brien from Fennley, Three
  20. Natalie Luca from Bankston, Four
  21. Lyssa Bow from Whites, Five
  22. Hannah Carver from Bonita, Five
  23. Elise Whisks from Angeles, Four
  24. Jenna Banks from Midston, Three
  25. Clarissa Kelley from Belcourt, Two
  26. C.C. Lands from St. George, Four
  27. Laila Toil from Panama, Four
  28. Reeli Tanner from Denbeigh, Four
  29. Mikaela Coveny from Calgary, Three
  30. Camille Astor from Baffin, Two
  31. Mia Blue from Ottaro, Three
  32. Zoe Peddler from Lakedon, Four
  33. Sosie Keeper from Yukon, Four
  34. Leah Sacks from Dominca, Three
  35. America Singer from Carolina, Five

Maxons Eliminated Group One

Maxon sent home eight girls on the first day after their first lesson with Silvia and after individual interviews, as he thought it would be mean to keep them there if he had no connection with them.

  1. Ashley Brouillette from Allens, Three - Ashley hugged Maxon and wished him luck stating that she thought she had a chance to win the Selection. Maxon considered letting her stay, but decided against it.
  2. Lyssa Bow from Whites, Five - Maxon felt they had no connection, along with her always saying "beautiful."
  3. Hannah Carver from Bonita, Five
  4. Clarissa Kelley from Belcourt, Two
  5. Mia Blue from Ottaro, Three - Mia asked Maxon if he cared about their feelings when he said that he was doing it, because he had no connection with them before giving him a frigid look and leaving.
  6. Sosie Keeper, from Yukon, Four.
  7. C.C. Lands from St. George, Four
  8. Reeli Tanner from Denbeigh, Four

Maxons Eliminated Group Two

The five Selected girls below were sent home at different times, but singularly each time.

Anna Farmer from Honduragua, Four - Anna was sent home, because Celeste provoked Anna to slap her and physical harm to the other Selected is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Janelle Stanton from Likely, Three - Janelle was sent home, because she said mean things about America Singer to Maxon on their second date, so he sent her home that day.

Camille Astor from Baffin, Two - Camille and Maxon were incompatible

Mikaela Coveny from Calgary, Three - Sent home because of homesickness

Laila Toil from Panama, Four - Laila and Maxon were incompatible

Post Rebel Attack Group

After the major Rebel Attack near the end of the first novel, three girls were so scared they went home.

Amy Everheart from Atlin, Three

Fiona Castley from Paloma, Three

Tallulah Bell from Hudson, Two

Maxons Eliminated Group Three

Due to so many Rebel Attacks on the Palace, Maxon decided to let only six girls become Elites instead of the normal ten, so he sent the rest of the girls home besides his six picked Elites.

Elayna Stoles from Hansport, Three

Olivia Witts from Zuni, Three

Emmica Brass from Tammins, Four

Samantha Lowell from Sonage, Three

Tiny Lee from Dakota, Three

Bariel Pratt from Sota, Two

Emily Arnold from Labrador, Three

Jenna Banks from Midston, Three

Tuesday Keeper from Waverly, Four

Zoe Peddler from Lakedon, Four

Elizabeth O’Brien from Fennley, Three

The Elite

While there are normally ten Elite girls, Prince Maxon only chose six due to Rebel Attacks.

Marlee Tames from Kent, Four - She was caught with Carter Woodwork and was later punished, in the middle of the second novel. It's forbidden to have any other relationship during the Selection except for the prince.

Natalie Luca from Bankston, Four - She left after Southern rebels killed her younger sister, in the end of the second novel.

Celeste Newsome from Clermont, Two - Eliminated with Elise

Elise Whisks from Angeles, Four - Eliminated with Celeste

Kriss Ambers from Columbia, Three

America Singer from Carolina, Five

The Final Two Girls

Maxon chose two girls who were the Selection Finalists from which he would choose his wife.

Kriss Ambers from Columbia, Three

America Singer from Carolina, Five

The Winner

The winner of the Selection whom Prince Maxon married.

America Singer from Carolina, Five

Miscellaneous Group

This group of girls was not mentioned much so it is unknown exactly when Prince Maxon sent them home. Judging from how late both girls were mentioned in the novel, they probably were eliminated with the last large group, when Maxon narrowed down the girls to the Elite.

Kayleigh Poulin from Sumner, Three - must have left at some point after Kriss' birthday party at the Palace.

Leah Sacks from Dominca, Three - must have left at some point after the party with Queen Amberly's family and the Swendish people visiting the Palace.

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