Princess Eadlyn's Game Show was an event that took place during The Heir.

About The Event[edit | edit source]

Eadlyn held this event to gain knowledge about how much the Selected knew about Illéa, its history and things such as that. She was also using it to make decisions in eliminations, but it wasn't a definite elimination activity.

During the event, the contestants (the Selected), were asked a series of questions by Eadlyn. The contestants all got nametags and wrote their answers on boards. If they got a question correct, a maid would put a check mark on the contestant. If they got it wrong, a maid would put an 'X' mark on the contestant.

The first question was about the date of Eadlyn's birthday, which Kile, among many others got correct. Another was over what country was considered the best ally of Illéa.

In the end, Hale Garner,Ean Cable, and Raoul Silo all had the "the most checks" with a total of "six" each. Henri Jaakoppi did the worst and "was covered in black" stickers, as he was from Swendway, lived only a year in Illéa and could speak only limited English. Burke Renn and Ivan Plays "had each done pretty badly but still had three correct answers over Henri".

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