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Princess Eadlyn's Selection took place after her father's and grandfather's Selection. Her Selection is the fifth one held in Illéa and the first for a princess.

For a shortened list of the Selected Men, go to The Selected Men.

This Selection competition takes place during the fourth and fifth book.

The Summary[edit | edit source]

Although Eadlyn is a princess, she was not married away to another prince. Having her own Selection was not planned, but after riots in Illéa, Maxon and America decided to make a Selection for their daughter to distract the people and solve the problems in Illéa. However, Eadlyn was not amused by this idea.

When Eadlyn first met the Selected, she wore dark clothing and tried to intimidate the men. She later had a parade with the Selected men being presented to the public, but a protest began and the parade was interrupted.

Events During The Selection[edit | edit source]

The following events took place during a Princess Eadlyn's Selection in the order listed.

Princess Eadlyn's Predinner Party

Princess Eadlyn's Selection Garden Party

Princess Eadlyn's Game Show

Baseball Game

The Selected Men[edit | edit source]

The following men of the Selected were in a lottery. One from each province were bought to the palace.

  1. Leeland Alberts from Dominica
  2. Nolan Carr from Ottaro
  3. Apsel Berry-Denning from Fennley
  4. Blakely Cork from Carolina
  5. Edwin Bishop from Denbeigh
  6. Gunner Croft from Columbia
  7. Ean Cable from Hansport
  8. Harrison Driver from Sonage
  9. Winslow Fields from Zuni
  10. Henri Jaakoppi from Sota
  11. Paisley Fisher from Hudson
  12. Brady Linker from Dakota
  13. Hale Garner from Belcourt
  14. Linde Lockwood from Atlin
  15. Alex Hardie from Calgary
  16. Holden Messenger from Bankston
  17. Julian Henry from Bonita
  18. Arizona Packer from Baffin
  19. Jamal Piles from Labrador
  20. Burke Renn from St. George
  21. Ivan Plays from Waverly
  22. Connor Shannon from Allens
  23. Tavish Plowholder from Midston
  24. Pauly Shelves from Honduragua
  25. Issir Quiller from Tammins
  26. MacKendrick Shepard from Likely
  27. Jack Ranger from Paloma
  28. Raoul Silo from Panama
  29. Kesley Timber from Whites
  30. Lodge Wheaton from Lakedon
  31. Baden Trains from Sumner
  32. Kile Woodwork from Angeles
  33. Jamie Turning from Kent
  34. Calvin Write from Yukon
  35. Fox Wesley from Clermont

Eliminated Group One[edit | edit source]

These are the men that were eliminated by Eadlyn two days after the Selection began.

  1. Paisley Fisher from Hudson
  2. Blakely Cork from Carolina - eliminated because he stared inappropriately at Eadlyn.
  3. Jamal Piles from Labrador
  4. Connor Shannon from Allens- eliminated most likely because of how much he sweats.
  5. Issir Quiller from Tammins
  6. Nolan Carr from Ottaro
  7. Jamie Turning from Kent - eliminated because he asked Eadlyn when he could get paid during their first interview.
  8. Arizona Packer from Baffin
  9. Brady Linker from Dakota
  10. Pauly Shelves from Honduragua
  11. MacKendrick Shepard from Likely

Eliminated Group Two[edit | edit source]

The two Selected Men below were eliminated after Princess Eadlyn's Selection Garden Party.

  1. Holden Messenger from Bankston - eliminated after the tea party
  2. Kesley Timber from Whites - eliminated after the tea party

Eliminated Group Three[edit | edit source]

These men were eliminated singularly.

  1. Jack Ranger from Paloma - eliminated after he touched Eadlyn against her will
  2. Burke Renn from St. George - eliminated after he punched the Selected Fox Wesley
  3. Baden Trains from Sumner - asked to leave, on poor terms

Eliminated Group Four[edit | edit source]

These men were eliminated in the beginning of The Crown, so that only six Elites remained.

  1. Leeland Alberts from Dominica
  2. Apsel Berry-Denning from Fennley
  3. Edwin Bishop from Denbeigh
  4. Harrison Driver from Sonage
  5. Winslow Fields from Zuni
  6. Linde Lockwood from Atlin
  7. Alex Hardie from Calgary
  8. Julian Henry from Bonita
  9. Ivan Plays from Waverly
  10. Tavish Plowholder from Midston
  11. Raoul Silo from Panama
  12. Lodge Wheaton from Lakedon
  13. Calvin Write from Yukon

The Elite[edit | edit source]

Like her father, Princess Eadlyn chose to keep these six Elites, instead of the usual ten.

  1. Gunner Croft from Columbia - later asked to leave, though on good terms
  2. Kile Woodwork from Angeles
  3. Ean Cabel from Hansport
  4. Hale Garner from Belcourt
  5. Fox Wesley from Clermont
  6. Henri Jaakoppi from Sota

The Final Two[edit | edit source]

Eadlyn chose two boys, one of whom would become her husband.

  1. Kile Woodwork from Angeles
  2. Henri Jaakoppi from Sota

The Winner of the Selection[edit | edit source]

The winner who got to marry Princess Eadlyn. Princess Eadlyn fell in love with Eikko (Erik) Koskinen, who was not in the Selection and married him. Originally, this would have been treason, but Eadlyn's father, Maxon, encouraged her to pursue her love interest. 

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