The reception of the German Federation and Italy took place in The Elite. It was a test for the Elite on how to keep/make new allies. The Rebels had attacked the Palace before the event, but the girls managed to hold their receptions successfully. Silvia was taking notes and writing the girls' mistakes on her clipboard. America and Kriss figured that she had to fall in love on their presentation.

Preparation Edit

The Elite searched through books, choose clothes and jewelry, do taste test with the Queen, plan the menu, master foreign languages, etc. America told the girls to keep their appearance good. America and Kriss decided to keep their clothes in their rooms instead of the parlor to avoid the other group from copying.

German Federation Reception Edit

Celeste, Elise, and Natalie were in charge for hosting the royal ladies from the German Federation. The three girls hosted first, because America and Kriss were only two, thus Silvia gave them an extra day to work on their reception. They lost because Natalie used the wrong flowers and Celeste's dress was very revealing which was opposite of what their guests were wearing.

Italian Reception Edit

Kriss and America hosted the royal ladies from Italy. They were the only two assigned because of Marlee's caning, so they held their reception one day after the Germans' one. They took down notes and gave jewelry to Queen Amberly and Silvia noting that they were actually the hosts and to thank them for helping.

Dresses Edit

Celeste Newsome wore a white bridal dress with a veil and a revealing neckline.

Elise Whisks and Natalie Luca wore a deep blue dress.

America Singer and Kriss Ambers wore a conservative grey dress during the German reception. In their reception, they wore pale blue dresses with large gold accents.

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