Samantha Lowell was a supporting character in The Selection, and she was a Three chosen for the Selection.

Biography Edit

At the beginning of Prince Maxon's Selection, after the makeovers, she and Emmica Brass gave America Singer "funny" looks when they sat with America and Marlee Tames

When Celeste tore America's dress before a taping of the Illéa Capital Report, America returned back to the seats. In front of America and Marlee, Samantha and Emmica sat. They talked with America about her dress beign torn by Celeste Newsome. Emmica begged America to report Celeste to Maxon, saying that Celeste was "a nightmare." Samantha mentioned that the girls didn't get spend much time with Maxon when America replied to Emmica that she would when she saw him next. During her interview, Samantha stated that "she was having a wonderful time," before it was America's turn. 

During Kriss Ambers' birthday party at the Palace, Samantha was speaking with Bariel Pratt

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