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Illéa/Schreave Family Tree

A note from Kiera Cass: "The Schreaves have the typical drama of a royal family. Gregory always considered himself a cut above his closest friend, Brenton Schreave, but needed someone to bounce ideas off of, and Brenton was his most suitable option. Gregory married Brenton's sister Bethany and began having children before his transition into power. By the time he was in charge, he had tired of the responsibilities of being a husband and father. It's rumored the fall that took Bethany's life was more a suicide attempt than an accident.

Gregory arranged the marriage of his oldest child, Katherine, to the prince of Swendway, securing his role as king before turning to his sons. When Spencer mysteriously died a few years after his sister's marriage, all eyes fell to Damon, the youngest Illéa. With the nation's morale at a low after two royal deaths, a poor economy, and a mass of the citizens upset over the newly implemented caste system, the Selection was created to begin the new royal line and appease the public.

The first Selection was a complete setup. Damon slept with half the girls before sending them home the next day, eventually settling with Grace, who was his father's pick. They had a son, Justin.

Abby Tamblin-Illéa, the winner of the second Selection and wife of Prince Justin liked him just fine, but she was more attracted to his cousin, Porter Schreave. They conspired together to kill Justin, and Gregory, who was close to death, encouraged her to marry Porter to continue the royal lineage.

Abby humbly accepted Porter's proposal, and she was pregnant with his son well before the wedding. But their passion for each other soon faded. If Abby could so easily dispose of her first husband, why not her second? Porter kept his distance, and their only son, Clarkson, grew up in a home full of screaming, accusations, and occasional violence.

Amberly was the star of her Selection, not only because of her beauty or power, but because of her calming nature. The opposite of everything Clarkson had ever known, he was drawn to her from the start. When a small uprising happened in the south, Clarkson suggested to his father that marrying a girl from a lower caste might appease them, and their marriage did soothe some of the public.

Clarkson, however, has never overcome his trust issues. Amberly sees more than anyone else, but still doesn't know everything. Clarkson keeps his family under his control because he thinks it's normal. Amberly genuinely loves her husband and overlooks his flaws, and it's her disposition that keeps Maxon from completely following his father's example."

Maxon later married America Singer. They have four children: Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten. Eadlyn and Ahren are twins, however Eadlyn is older than her brother, making her the first female heir to the throne.

Ahren later marries Princess Camille of France.

During her Selection, Eadlyn falls in love with Eikko Koskinen, translator of the Elite Selected Henri Jaakoppi. At the end of her Selection, after making Illéa a Constitutional Monarchy, they get married and have one daughter, Kerttu Koskinen. Kerttu is the second female heir to the throne, but the monarchy no longer holds the power it once did. In the second epilogue to The Crown, it is revealed that Eadlyn is pregnant with her and Eikko's second child.

Kaden later marries Josie Woodwork, making her Princess Josephine Schreave of Illéa.

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