The Selection Variety Show was a group date organised by eight of the Selected in The Heir after they weren't a part of the previously done baseball game.

The Acts[edit | edit source]

The show began with Winslow Fields welcoming Eadlyn to the date with all eight of the Selected who were performing on stage. Calvin Write went and played the piano which he ended up playing for the whole show. He played different themes for each of the performances, such as "a ragtime" song for Winslow. Then, Winslow had the stage to himself and juggled beanbags before dropping them and getting hit by a bag.

After that, Lodge Wheaton performed an archery bit with balloons containing "glitter".

Fox Wesley drew a terrible drawing which Eadlyn liked, claiming it was sweet.

"Leeland sang, Julian hula hooped, Ivan bounced a soccer ball for an incredibly long time, and Gunner read a poem."

Gunner's poem:

"'Our lovely Princess Eadlyn,

It's hard to rhyme your name.

And though we really ticked you off,

We love you all the same.'"

At the end, the boys danced. After that, Eadlyn "sent for tea and water and some cold drinks as well." They "sat on the floor."

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