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But no matter what, I want you to be loved. You deserve to be loved. And I hope you get married for love and not a number.
—Shalom to America

Shalom Singer was a supporting character in The Selection Series. He was America Singer's father. Shalom was a Five and a Northern rebel.


Shalom came from a family of Fives. He had a brother named Paz and his parents were Cohen and Mariah Singer. His family, including grandparents and great-grandparents had all been Fives since the beginning of the caste system except for his aunt, Betsy, who became a Four through marriage. Shalom's daughter, Kenna, also became a Four through marriage, and later his second-youngest daughter, America, became a Three because of the Selection. Shalom was interested in art, rather than music, and met Magda while at a party for his wealthy client who was displaying six pieces of art Shalom had created. Magda was playing the piano in the background and he was instantly drawn to her talent. She ignored his advances for a while, but later agreed to marry him.

Shalom was America's loving father, who only wanted the best for his daughter.

During a party, America and her little sister May saw their father and Prince Maxon talking outside in the gardens through the window. Although neither can hear what they were saying, America noted that they were having an intense discussion. America saw Maxon talking to her father with determination on his face and, after a pause, Shalom held out his hand to Maxon and they shook hands; the two sisters didn't know what to make of this. Later, during the Halloween ball, Maxon explained to America that he was asking Shalom if he could marry America. Shalom said that he approved just as long as America was happy.

In The One, Shalom became a grandfather when his eldest daughter, Kenna, gave birth to a daughter, Astra. He died during America's Selection, on Christmas Day, because of heart problems.

He knew he was going to die, so three years prior to the beginning of the story, he began to write letters to his children. In his letter to America he told her he was a rebel. After his death, he became grandfather of America's and Maxon's children Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten and Kenna's second child, Leo Orders.


Compared to his wife Magda, Shalom was more kind and than her, and only wanted the best for his daughter America. He told her that if she doesn't want to enter the Selection, then it's fine as long as she's happy.

He cared about America's feelings more than her mom. He wrote kind, uplifting messages to America and only wanted America to be happy.


  • He was a Northern Rebel.
  • If the Caste System never took place, his last name would've been Cohen.
  • He is of Jewish decent.
  • Heart problems run in his family. He later passes them onto America.
  • He admitted in the One in his letter to America that she was his favorite child. He loved her very much.
  • The name Shalom translates from the Hebrew word for peace.