Silvia is a supporting character in The Selection Series. She is the royal planner at the palace.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Silvia contacted America Singer after she was announced as one of the candidates in the Selection. When the thirty-five Selected candidates went to the palace, Silvia appeared to be the royal planner for the Selection. She made sure that each girl was taken to the appropriate station for their makeover, directed the cameramen, lead the girls to their rooms, and most importantly, the etiquette of a princess and queen. She also taught Prince Maxon when he was younger.

In The Elite and The One, America makes attempts to bond with her, but it ended after America's presentation of eliminating the caste system in The Elite.

Silvia was touched when America and Kriss gave Queen Amberly and Silvia necklaces when the Italian Family was coming to visit. She was clearly in awe since she rarely received gifts.

At the end of The One, Silvia was thrilled when America married Maxon and had a newfound respect for her.

She is a teacher to the Elite and works closely with Queen Amberly.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Silvia is described to be businesslike. She is strict when it comes to manners. America described her as a "level headed, palace-hardened machine". Silvia expects a lot from the Selected girls but does have a rough edge. If you smooth it just right though, she can seem pleasing.

When America first hears Silvia's voice, she is surprised that it sounds both "perky and businesslike" and Silvia never seems to disappoint in either manner throughout the series.

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