Singer Household

Name Singer Household
Location Carolina
Inhabitants Singer Family (formerly)
Appearances The Selection
The One

The Singer Household is where America Singer lived with her family before she entered the Selection.

The home is located in Carolina and was the home to the Singer family before they moved to a house, located near the Palace in Angeles and a gift from Prince Maxon Schreave, after America married him.

Home Description Edit

According to Kiera Cass, "in the front left is Shalom and Magda’s room, the "big" one. Beside it is May’s room, which she used to share with America before Kenna moved out. In the back left is Kenna’s old room (now America’s), which you can see has a pretty clear view of the tree house. Next to her room is Gerad’s room, which he shared with Kota before he left.

Note there is one bathroom for the five kids. That sucked. The sketched out TV is big, and I kind of imagined it looked that way in real life. Think pre-flat screen, that’s what the Singers have. I also pictured the carpeting and general style to be sort of 70s-ish. But like, 70s if you grew up in the 80s. Carpet that used to be shaggy now worn down and basically hard in the places everyone travels, colors that are orangey and amber, warm wood tones. Not necessarily that whole style in the kids’ rooms, but in the living area for sure.

There’s a driveway up to the garage, which is never opened because they don’t have a car, and that space is where America’s dad and May (and formerly Kota) do their work. It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. They really suffer for their art. It’s got an industrial feel in there, with shelves of supplies they buy in bulk because who knows when they’ll need what, and it’s cheaper that way. Occasionally, they hire a Six (cough cough) to make sure that everything is stocked up correctly and to get an idea of what they’ve burned through. Not all artists are good businessmen.

I think about America’s front door a lot, especially lately. Since they’re artists, I keep wanting to put a color on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s black. Their front yard is small but clean, and they live on the edge of town where the houses end, just before it turns into a mass of apartment buildings. In the other direction, they have to walk a ways before the homes give way to an open space of shops and restaurants, plus the Province Services Office.

The Singer family mostly keeps to their home. It’s old and outdated, but it’s cozy. And despite the occasional wave of tension, there’s a lot of love there." - Kiera Cass from ""

Next to the house is a tree house, not as big as someone can stand there easily. America and Aspen had their secret dates there before they broke up.

After Shalom's death, Kota got the house. In a letter, written three years before, Shalom wrote it and did not changed it after Kota moved out. However, Kota declared to be uninterested in inheriting it, something that irritated America a lot.

It is unknown what happened to the house after the move-out of the Singer family to Angeles.

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