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America Singer's Family Tree

"A note from Kiera: Alicia and Alex Cohen were twenty-two and twenty-four respectively when their father died in World War Four. Alex had just finished studying at Julliard while his sister was getting ready to enter medical school. When he got the notice that his name was being changed to Singer, and that he was now a Five, he didn't understand it, and disregarded the letter. The caste system was only somehow in the upper tiers really knew about until after it happened.

His new fiancée, Elle, thought nothing of it, not caring that she was supposedly a Three now, but when the system rigidly locked down and her teaching license was revoked, she was heartbroken. Alicia was immediately kicked out of school and told she was an artist.

The Singer family tree is the most typical of those in Illéa. They've almost entirely married within the same caste and died relatively young. Even though their status is low, the Singer family is attractive and talented, so they do as best as a family of Fives could expect.

America's parents met while working. When Shalom sold six pieces to a wealthy Two, the man held a party to show off his new purchases, and Shalom was there to explain his art. Magda was hired to play piano in the background, and he was instantly drawn to her talent. She ignored his advances, hoping to marry up a caste or two, but eventually succumbed to his charm and attention.

Once Shalom and Magda started having children, the stress of the finances drove a wedge between them. While there has always been love in their marriage, there has also been a constant worry over money. Magda's greatest triumph to date is America gaining the status of a Three, and while America is away at the palace, Magda rubs it in the face of any of the families that have ever been unkind to them. It's only in the quietest times of their life that Magda can truly show Shalom that she still loves him.

America looks at love much the way her father does. She looks at a lot of things the way her father does and has always favored him." Thus, she was really heartbroken, when he died.

At the palace, America won Prince Maxon's heart. She eventually married him, making her family to Ones. Later, they got four children: Eadlyn and Ahren, who are twins, and Kaden and Osten. Later, Ahren married Princess Camille of France and Eadyln married Ekkio Koskinen, a first generation Swendish.

Eventually, Kenna and James had a daughter named Astra and a son named Leo. A few years before the events of The Heir, Kenna died because of a cardiac problem.

Also see Aspen Leger's Family Tree and Schreave Family Tree for more information on families. Aspen's mom was always very nice to America