Name Swendway
Location Sweden, Norway and Finland
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Ruler(s) Emil de Monpezat (former king) Katherine de Monpezat (former queen)
Antonella de Illéa de Monpezat (former queen)
Inhabitants People of Swendway
Status Ally of Illéa
Appearances The Selection
The Elite
The One
The Heir
The Crown
"The Heir"

Swendway is a nation consisted of the countries Finland, Sweden and Norway. According to Kiera Cass, the country's name comes from Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The official language is Finnish.


Gregory Illéa forced his daughter Katherine to marry Emil de Monpezat, the crowned prince of Swendway, in order to become a royal. Katherine did not want to be wedded to Emil, as he was much older than her, and cried a lot before the wedding. Illéa showed no sympathy to his daughter, however, and told her to straighten herself out or she would pay the consequences. The king and queen of Swendway soon had a daughter named Antonella de Illéa de Monpezat, who was believed to later take the throne.

Swendway is an ally of Illéa, because of the marriage of Emil and Katherine.

During The Selection, the royal family of Swendway visited Illéa.

Henri Jaakoppi is from Swendway. When he was seventeen, one year before his Selection, he and his family moved from Swendway to Sota in Illéa.

Erik is first generation Swendish to be born in Illéa, but his parents are trying to hold onto their old customs, so they live in a small Swendish community in Kent.

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