The Convicting is a Royal Duty that the Elite girls must perform during the final stages of the Selection and was seen in the book The One.

The Purpose Of The Convicting[edit | edit source]

The Elites must complete the Convicting publicly and in front of the Royal Family. In the Convicting they are to send a convicted criminal to jail to show that they are willing to obey the laws of their country. The criminals are normally accused of theft. However, during America' s Selection, the King had criminals that were Northern rebels sent to prison for much longer than a thief would normally be sentenced, as they were his political enemies.       

The Elites' Convicting Clothes[edit | edit source]

The prince, who is the center of the Selection, will present the Elite all with special jewelry that he specially selects for the girls. The girls also all have to wear a gold and often cream colored gown and carry an olive branch that they will place at the foot of the King.      

In The One, the girls all wore the following clothing:      

America Singer:

America wore a gown that was off-the-shoulder on the right that covered her scar caused by the shot of a Southern Rebel. It had a snug top and a skirt that billowed out to the floor "with scallops of golden lace". Prince Maxon gave her a set of earrings and a matching bracelet made of green and blue gems that were woven "into a subtle floral design".     

Celeste Newsome:

Celeste wore a gown that was revealing. America described Celeste's gown "inappropriate for the occasion". She also mentioned that the neckline was plunging.

Kriss Ambers:

Kriss wore a gown that was fitted around her waist then "burst out like a flower blossoming toward the ground." Prince Maxon gave her a necklace and set of earrings that were "iridescent and gently rounded and perfect".      

Elise Whisks:

Elise wore a gown that was gold and cream woven together in a slim gown that was also sleeveless with gloves making the outfit dramatic. Her hair was slick. Prince Maxon gave her a necklace and set of earrings that were "dark gems that made her dark hair and eyes "pop"".     

The Convicting Ceremony Steps[edit | edit source]

For the Convicting each of the Elite girls will go one at a time in front of a crowd and place an olive branch at the feet of the King and then stand as the convicted criminal enters the room. The girls will then say the following lines to the criminal they are required to convict:      

"(Name of Convicted), what is your crime?"      

"And how long is your sentence?"      

"Go, faithful subject, and pay your debt to the King."

The Convicts[edit | edit source]

Jacob Digger[edit | edit source]

Jacob Digger was Elise's criminal. His crime was theft and his sentence twelve years.

Celeste's criminal[edit | edit source]

His name is unknown. The man had gross motor difficulty and fell over.

Kriss's criminal[edit | edit source]

His name is unknown. America stated that he is probably around their age. His steps were steady and determined, and he has a tattoo on his neck which looked like a messed up cross. However, America later realizes it to be a Northern star, indicating that he was a Northern rebel. Kriss was a little uneasy about sending him to jail because later America finds out that Kriss is a Northern rebel.

Adam Carver[edit | edit source]

Adam Carver was America's criminal. He was around America's dad age and something was wrong with his leg. His crime was theft and his sentence was life. Adam stated that he only stole some clothes for his girls and after America's question he motioned that his sentence isn't about stealing and that there is something more, indicating that he was also arrested for political reasons.

America gave her jewelry to Adam and he paid his debts to the king, being now a free subject. The king accepted them. Adam was extremely happy, tried to hug America, blessed her, and cried as he exited the room.

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