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This article is about the six Elite. For the novel, see The Elite.

The Elite are normally ten girls chosen out of the thirty-five Selected girls for the Selection. However, near the end of The Selection, Prince Maxon decides to decrease it down to six, because he doesn't want the girls he doesn't think he has a future with to be endangered unnecessarily. Later, Princess Eadlyn decides to the do the same in order to move her Selection along. It is unknown who were the ten Elite Selected from King Clarkson's Selection, but it can be assumed that the winner, Amberly Station, was among them.

Prince Maxon's Selection Elites[]

For more information, see: Prince Maxon's Selection

Below are the Six Elite. Those with strikes have been eliminated.

1. Marlee Tames
Reason: Was caught having an affair with a guard.
Punishment: Caned fifteen times and stripped of caste to Eight.
Current Status: Secretly became a kitchen maid in the palace and a Six; married Carter Woodwork, the guard she had an affair with. Later, they were both restored to their castes as the attendants of the royal couple. Mother of Kile and Josie Woodwork.
2. Celeste Newsome
Reason: Eliminated before the engagement announcement, along with Elise.
Current Status: Killed by Southern rebels during their attack in the engagement ceremony.
3. Kriss Ambers
Reason: Made it to the top two with America Singer. Almost chosen to be Maxon's wife due to America's 'betrayal,' but the engagement ceremony was stopped by the invasion of Southern rebels.
Current Status: Survived the rebels' attack. She is last seen at the royal wedding with all other Selected girls, married to Elliot Piaria.
4. Natalie Luca
Reason: Younger sister died from rebel attack, so Prince Maxon sent her back to her home and family to mourn.
Current Status: Returned to her home in Bankston.
5. Elise Whisks
Reason: Eliminated with Celeste, before the engagement announcement.
Current Status: After the attack, she never stepped into the palace again, became an ambassador and married a CEO, mother of two boys.
6. America Singer
Current Status: Winner of the Selection, Maxon's wife, and Queen of Illéa. Mother of Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten.

Princess Eadlyn's Selection[]

For more information, see: Princess Eadlyn's Selection

Below are the Six Elite. Those with strikes have been eliminated.

1. Gunner Croft
Reason: Chose to leave after feeling that he and Eadlyn had no real chemistry.
Current Status: Possibly still friends with Fox Wesley.
2. Kile Woodwork
Reason: Banished by Eadlyn, on good terms. They realized they had no future together as a married couple, but Kile was willing to marry her so that Marid Illéa couldn't take the throne. Eadlyn banished him for a year from Angeles in order to keep him from sacrificing himself in such a manner.
Current Status: Married to Alice Woodwork, and possibly living in Angeles.
3. Ean Cabel
Reason: Decided he wanted to be with fellow Selected Hale Garner.
Current Status: Possibly in a relationship with Hale Garner.
4. Hale Garner
Reason: Decided he had feelings for fellow Selected Ean Cabel, and did not want to deceive Eadlyn, who he realized he could not love romantically.
Current Status: Possibly in a relationship with Ean Cabel.
5. Fox Wesley
Reason: Eliminated near the end of the Selection, when Eadlyn realized she truly didn't love Fox and didn't want to prolong his stay if they had no future together.
Current Status: Presumably returned home to Clermont.
6. Henri Jaakoppi
Reason: Eadlyn was about to announce Henri as the winner of the Selection, but realized she was in love with Erik Koskinen instead. With Henri's blessing, she chose not to marry him and instead pursued Erik.
Current Status: Presumably returned home to Sota.

Royal Dues[]

The Elite are required to learn about the particular inner workings of the life and obligations she would have as a princess, in preparation for the winner of the Selection. They have to host many official guests and visitors and be warm and welcoming. Each one of the Elite will present (on TV/the Illéa Capitol Report) a philanthropy project that the new princess will run after the Selection. Another of their duties is the Convicting. In this event, the Elite must publicly and in front of the royal family condemn some criminals to jail, instead of whipping. Meanwhile, the prince must meet the family of the Elite, something that Maxon did during the Halloween party.