While this Royal Duty during the Selection does not have an official name, it deals with the Elite creating a project that they would enact as Queen of Illéa. After the Elite would spend considerable time to work on it, they would present it to the public on The Illéa Capitol Report. This Royal Duty was introduced and featured in The Elite.

The Purpose Of The Project[edit | edit source]

To show the country what each of the Selected would do as Queen, they create and present their projects. Their project can encompass anything (within reason) that the girls aspire to do as Queen. This could range from education to politics or even more. The reason is that each Queen has a project to focus on during her reign.

The Projects[edit | edit source]

These are the following projects that the Elite girls presented in The Elite. The only Elite girl that was not there was Marlee Tames, as she had been eliminated from the competition.

America Singer:

America's project involved getting rid of the Caste System that was in place in Illéa during that time.

Celeste Newsome:

Celeste's project involved a minimum wage for the Lower Castes along with certain certifications they would have to obtain.

Kriss Ambers:

Kriss' project involved taking the Illéan "public school systems" and her plan to "revamp" them.

Elise Whisks:

Elise's project involved a pen-pal system with people from the upper castes and the population of New Asia.

Natalie Luca:

Natalie's project involved making the rebels' presence illegal. (She did not seem to know that the rebels' activities were already against the law.)

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