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This is the complete list of the women selected for Prince Maxon 's Selection.

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The girls' home provinces and their caste number is also included. Names in bold are the Elites.  Names that have strikes are those who have been eliminated before the Six Elites were chosen.

  1. Marlee Tames from Kent, Four
  2. Elayna Stoles from Hansport, Three
  3. Tuesday Keeper from Waverly, Four
  4. Olivia Witts from Zuni, Three
  5. Fiona Castley from Paloma, Three
  6. Celeste Newsome from Clermont, Two
  7. Emmica Brass from Tammins, Four
  8. Samantha Lowell from Sonage, Three
  9. Tiny Lee from Dakota, Three
  10. Kriss Ambers from Columbia, Three
  11. Bariel Pratt from Sota, Two
  12. Ashley Brouillette from Allens, Three
  13. Janelle Stanton from Likely, Three
  14. Amy Everheart from Atlin, Three
  15. Tallulah Bell from Hundson, Two
  16. Anna Farmer from Honduragua, Four
  17. Kayleigh Poulin from Sumner, Three
  18. Emily Arnold from Labrador, Three
  19. Elizabeth O’Brien from Fennley, Three
  20. Natalie Luca from Bankston, Four
  21. Lyssa Bow from Whites, Five
  22. Hannah Carver from Bonita, Five
  23. Elise Whisks from Angeles, Four
  24. Jenna Banks from Midston, Three
  25. Clarissa Kelley from Belcourt, Two
  26. C.C. Lands from St. George, Four
  27. Laila Toil from Panama, Four
  28. Reeli Tanner from Denbeigh, Four
  29. Mikaela Coveny from Calgary, Three
  30. Camille Astor from Baffin, Two
  31. Mia Blue from Ottaro, Three
  32. Zoe Peddler from Lakedon, Four
  33. Sosie Keeper from Yukon, Four
  34. Leah Sacks from Dominica, Four
  35. America Singer from Carolina, Five

The Elites[]

Names that have strikes are those who have been eliminated.

1. Marlee Tames
Reason: Was caught having an affair with palace guard Carter Woodwork.
Punishment: Caned fifteen times and stripped of caste to Eight.
Current Status: Secretly became a kitchen maid in the palace and a Six; married Carter Woodwork, the guard she had an affair with. Later, they became the first citizens of Illéa without a caste and the attendants of the royal couple. Mother of two, Kile Woodwork (19) and Josie Woodwork (15).
2. Natalie Luca
Reason: Her younger sister, Lacey Luca, died from rebel attack, so Prince Maxon sent her back to her home to be with her family to mourn.
Current Status: Returned to her home in Bankston. Married to an actor Two and divorced. Has her own jewelry line and has supporting acting roles in comedies.
3. Celeste Newsome
Reason: Eliminated before the engagement announcement, along with Elise.
Current Status: Killed by Southern rebels during their attack in the engagement ceremony.
4. Elise Whisks
Reason: Eliminated with Celeste, before the engagement announcement.
Current Status: Never visited the palace again. Happily married to a New Asian CEO, mother of two sons.
5. Kriss Ambers
Reason: Made it to the top two with America Singer. Almost chosen to be Maxon's wife, but the engagement ceremony was stopped by the invasion of the Southern rebels.
Current Status: Survived the rebels' attack. She is last seen at the royal wedding with all other Selected girls. Happily married to Elliot Piaria, no children, and is happy to work at a university somewhere in Columbia.
6. America Singer
Current Status: Winner of the Selection, Maxon's wife, former Queen of Illéa, and mother of Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten.