Tia was a supporting character that appeared in the novella The Queen as a member of the Selection during Queen Amberly's Selection along with King (then Prince) Clarkson.

Biography Edit

When gossip spread that included Tia, she, according to Bianca, seemed "smug" and Madeline was irritated with Tia's attitude towards the gossip. Tia had been "sitting with Pesha and Marcy by the window." Queen Abby learned of the gossip and became furious, so she went in the Women's Room, where the girls were talking and asked Tia about the gossip and why Tia let the gossip continue. Queen Abby ended up throwing Tia into the hallway, holding her "by a fistful of hair" and shoving her to the "floor in the hallway" before Queen Abby "slammed the door".

The other Selected girls who were left were shaken and upset over Queen Abby's attitude.

Trivia Edit

  • She was eliminated by Abby Schreave after a rumor spread that included her and Prince Clarkson, even though the person who was supposed to eliminate the Selected from that Selection is "Prince Clarkson".
  • The gossip had been saying that Tia had slept with Clarkson.
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