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Tiny Lee asking America Singer about her date with Maxon Schreave

Tiny Lee was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three from Dakota and chosen for Prince Maxon's Selection. Tiny was part of the Selection, but was eliminated when the girls were narrowed down to the Elite.


Tiny lived in the same section of the Palace "tucked around a corner in a little hallway" along with fellow Selected America Singer, Bariel Pratt, and Jenna Banks.

On the first morning at the palace, Tiny had to have her dress brought in because it was too big for her. Her room was located in the same hall as America, along with two others (which lead to Tiny seeing America leaving her room with Prince Maxon later in The Selection. Tiny then told everyone about this incident.)

During Prince Maxon's Selection, Tiny was one of the girls who inquired America about her date with Maxon. The girls' conversation was interrupted, however, due to a Rebel attack on the Palace. Tiny fainted and was seen shortly after "still unconscious in someone's arms". Because of this, it was later rumored that she was one of the girls who had wanted to go home after the ordeal of the Rebel attack.

When Maxon and America were walking down a hallway, Tiny was walking with Celeste Newsome and Emmica Brass as they whispered quietly. After curtsying, the trio kept going. Both Emmica and Tiny "looked curious." Celeste, however, seemed angry.

Tiny told the other Selected girls about seeing America and Maxon together, which prompted some of the girls to ask her questions.

After Janelle Stanton was eliminated and the girls were trying to find an answer as to why and an argument started forming, Silvia came in with the mail and the situation simmered down. Tiny received mail.

One night at dinner, Maxon announced that Two's and Three's would not receive their payment for being in the Selection. Tiny quietly inquired "What do you think that's about?" Kriss Ambers theorized that it could be a test because there could be some people who were in the Selection for the money.

On a taping of the Illéa Capital Report, Tiny apparently had a 'tiny' voice during her interview and "seemed to fold in on herself" during her interview. Later on, Maxon remarked to America that girl's in his mothers' time "were more reserved than even Tiny," so he probably found her to be reserved.

Tuesday Keeper mentioned to America and Kriss, that she had been talking to Tiny "the other day," in which she had complimented Tiny and seemed to have grown close to her, not being able to be angry at her if she had more dates with Maxon.

During Kriss' birthday party, Tiny talked to Emmica andJenna Banks.

After Southern Rebels attacked the Palace, the Selected Girls felt a bond amongst themselves. Tiny sat beside America at breakfast the Monday after the Rebels' attack and asked America about the origins of the songbird necklace that America wore, with "admiration in her eyes".

The last time Tiny was seen in The Selection was right before the competition was narrowed down to the Six Elites. She squeezed hands with America when Maxon called out the names, but started "bawling" when she was not chosen to stay. After Maxon left (Emmica and Tuesday following him), "Tiny ended up swatting away [America's] hands and running out of the room". The thought that Tiny was not happy with America saddened America.

America saw her again in The One, when Maxon invited all the Selected girls back to the palace to celebrate his engagement to America.


I know she's a little on the time side, but she's very ladylike and I think she'd make a great princess.
Tuesday Keeper on Tiny

Tiny is very reserved. She doesn't speak much in public, and when she does, her voice is very quiet. Tiny also appeared to be emotional when she got eliminated from the Selection, as she immediately burst into tears and ran crying from the room. However, she is supportive of her friends. When Maxon called the last names of the chosen Elites, Tiny was squeezing America's hands and America her's.


Tiny is, true to her name, tiny. She was noted to have a high voice and dark hair. When Tiny was on The Report she became very shy and quiet.   


Tuesday Keeper - Said to be her good friend. 

America Singer - Said to be her good friend. 

Celeste Newsome - Along with everyone else, Celeste and Tiny do not get along very well.

Marlee Tames- Said to be her good friend.

Maxon Schreave- Tiny was not seen to have any chemistry with Maxon. Maxon thinks of tiny as very reserved and sent her home before The Elite.