I haven't seen him outside of mealtimes, not even in passing.
—Tuesday Keeper to America Singer about Maxon Schreave

Tuesday Keeper was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Four chosen for the Selection.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During one day in the Women's Room, Tuesday had been "listening to Camille with an anxious expression on her face, got up from her seat and looked around the room". She was most likely looking for America Singer and Marlee Tames because she when she saw them in a corner she went over to them. She started asking America questions about her and Maxon's date. When Marlee tried to greet her, Tuesday responded rudely and had a maid go away when she went to serve the girls tea. When America told her that she and Maxon had only talked, Tuesday went over to the table where Kriss Ambers was and tried to get her to "tell her story over again, quite energetically".

Later, during a History Lesson with Silvia, Tuesday was annoyed with the fact that they didn't have books to study from.

When Janelle Stanton was eliminated, Tuesday "pulled on Kriss's arm". She got the Selected Girl to repeat her story for the third time. During the conversation, she asked if it had been the rules; the question the girls wondered about during their discussion that maybe they couldn't talk about their elimination causes. This was disproved though as the girls didn't remember anything in the rules about it. When Celeste Newsome hinted that Maxon liked girls for their Castes, Tuesday cried, "Hey!" and "Maxon doesn't care about numbers".

Tuesday didn't wear jewelry one day (along with Natalie Luca,) because they felt that America was Maxon's favorite- and she often didn't wear jewelry, having more of a plain look.

After the girls had been there for two weeks, Olivia revealed to the girls in the Women's Room that Maxon had kissed her. Tuesday, America, and Kriss discussed amongst themselves if she was the sole girl whom had been kissed or if there was any merit to Olivia's claim. Tuesday then inadvertantly made a comment where she said: "even if I want the crown myself". America and Kriss realized what this meant but didn't say anything. However, Tuesday also revealed that she had been talking Tiny "the other day", in which she had complimented Tiny Lee and seemed to have grown close to her, not being able to be angry at her if she had more dates with Maxon.

During Kriss' birthday party, when Celeste 'accidentally' spilled her drink on Kriss, Celeste claimed it wasn't purpose, even though it was. Tuesday, however, believed her and, according to America, "was nodding, saying she saw the whole thing", and Tuesday did not seem to realize just how purposeful that was of Celeste.

Tuesday didn't make it into the Elite due to not being one of Maxon's favorites.

After the Southern Rebels attacked the Palace, the Selected Girls felt a bond amongst themselves. At breakfast that following Monday, Maxon announced that he was doing another elimination to narrow the girls down to the Elite. After Maxon picked six girls (a group which did not include Tuesday), he left and Tuesday, along with Emmica Brass, followed him. America thought they wanted an explanation from him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Oh, hush!
—Tuesday to Marlee Tames

She was jealous when America was with Maxon two times in a row. Tuesday could be a little bit too curious and enthusiastic, like when she asked the other girls about their dates or about eliminations. Tuesday also had a temper. When America said the only thing she did on her dates with Maxon was going to the garden, Tuesday huffed.

Features[edit | edit source]

Tuesday looked mature, older, and had freckles.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tuesday's name was a baby name that Kiera Cass' husband rejected.
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