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Hello fellow wikiers! I'm Wynn22 and a proud otaku of anime and manga! I'll create wikis (that is, if someone didn't make one already) mainly about anime! I will be helping out in the production by editing, adding photos, and creating pages. :)

My Opinion about The Selection[]

I just LOVE The Selection SOOO MUCH! I just wish America was a bit more of a ginger and was more feisty! Basically, America should just dump Aspen and go to Maxon! (Have you noticed that Aspen and Maxon rhyme?) I also want to know more about the rebels! There better be more action in the third book! Also, I hope the dress in The One is the model wearing a wedding dress!

As for which team I'm on, I think that's a little obvious. ;) YAYYYYY WYNN IS THE BESTT <3

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