Hey everybody! In today's post I mix two things I adore: Disney and The Selection series. So today we'll speak about in which Caste would be the characters from some Disney movies in Illéa.

To remember the Caste System:

One: The royalty and religious figures.

Two: Celebrities; including athletes, singers, actors/actresses, models, politicians, police officers, firefighters, guards, and military members

Three: Businessmen including inventors, teachers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, dentists, architects, librarians, engineers, therapists/psychologists, film directors, music producers, lawyers, and writers.

Four: Jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, head chefs, construction managers, property/business owners, and farmers.

Five: Artists and Performers; including stage actors, classical musicians, singers, dancers, photographers, sculptures, and circus performers.

Six: Workers; including secretaries, waiters/waitresses, housekeepers, seamstresses, store clerks, cooks, and drivers.

Seven: Manual Laborers; including gardeners, construction workers, farm hands, gutter/pool cleaners, and "trash collectors, ditch diggers, movers."

Eight: "Untouchables"; including mentally/physically unwell people, addicts, runaways, illegitimate, and the homeless.

Read about it more here:

Before I start it, I say sorry for my English being bad, you know, I'm not English, I'm just practicing the language. And sooo.

Let's start it, let's see some Disney movie characters in this system!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame[1]

Quasimodo - As an orphan, and - according to Frollo - as a illegitimate child, plus his look would make him Eight. But he worked, worked with his two arms, which would make him a Seven maybe. But his lifestyle in the Notre Dame was still better than being a real Seven.

Judge Claude Frollo - As the Minister of Justice in Paris he would be a Two.

Phoebus - All guards are Twos, and as the Captain of the King's Army he is extra Two. :D

Esmeralda - As a gypsy she would be maybe Eight, but if we assume from her talent and job as a dancer, she would be a Five. After she marries Phoebus she'll be Two.

the Archdeacon - It can sound weird, but he would be a One. He is a religious figure.


Mulan - At the first as a farm owner's daughter she would be probably Four. But I'm not sure, because military members are Twos and her father was - according to Shang's reaction saying Ping is his son - a successful and famous member of the Chinese army. But she lived a Four's life. After she becames the part of the army she would probably became a Two, after saving China without question. And as Shang's wife she is a Two for sure.

Shang - A general's son and the new general of the Chinese army he is obviously a Two.

Shan Yu - As the leader of the Hun army, a soldier, he would be a Two, too.

the Emperor - Royalty, One.

Ling, Yao & Chien-Po - We don't know about their past, so we don't know what could they be, but after being the part of the Chinese army they would became Two.

Chi-Fu - As the Emperor's trusted advisor he would be a Two.

The Princess and the Frog[2]

Tiana - We don't exactly know about James's (Tiana's father) job, but he worked a lot and I think he would be a Six. This makes sense, because as a waitress Tiana would be a Six, too. After marrying Naveen she would become a One as the Princess of Maldonia. But she also has a Four's work after this as the owner of her restaurant, Tiana's Palace.

Naveen - Maldonia's prince is a One for sure. I don't really know if when his parents disinherited him he lost his Caste or not, but probably his Caste stayed One, he just couldn't live as a One. After marrying Tiana his parents get him back into the family, so he can live as a One. His status is still One as the Prince of Maldonia, but he owns Tiana's Palace with his wife, which is a Four's job. He works here, which is a Six's job. And he plays music here, which is a Five's job. So he does a Four's, a Five's and a Six's job, too, and he is still a One. Yes. A bit difficult.

Dr Facilier - Really hard one. His name's "doctor" could make us believe he is a Three. But is he really a Three? Is he really a doctor? He is a voodoo doctor, is this making him a Three? I think maybe yes, but as the owner of his business with the cards, dark magic and his friends on the other side he could be as a business owner a Four, too. And as a dark magician he is an outcast, which can make him an Eight. Hm, hard one. Maybe I say Four because of his "voodoo business".

Louis - It's a bit weird to say about an aligator, but he would a Five, because he is a musician. But maybe he would became a famous musician, and in that case he would be a Two.

Charlotte - We see they are very rich. I don't know what's LaBouffe's job, but seeing their lifestyle they're Twos without question.

Lawrence - As a royal valet he would be a Six.

Eudora & James - As I mentioned, I don't know what was James's job, but he had to work a lot to make the best life for his family. Eudora was a seamstress. Eudora's job is a Six's job, just like their daughter's, Tiana's. So James's probably too, which makes them Six. After Tiana marries Naveen Eudora would become a One, too.

The King and The Queen of Maldonia - Ones, of course.

Mama Odie - I think, as a very old voodoo priestess, who lives in a bayou she would have no Caste. Maybe she had once, but because she lives alone her Caste just isn't important


Aladdin - Street rats are Eights. Pure Aladdin. Sorry. But after he wishes to become a prince, he is a "fake-One". He became the Royal Vizier in Return of Jafar, so then he would be probably a Two. After marrying Jasmine he would be a true One.

Jasmine - Princess of Agrabah. One.

Jafar - The Sultan's Royal Vizier who's power was bigger than the princess's is the most powerful Two. For that few time he was the Sultan, Jafar would be a One. After becaming a Genie he would have probably no Caste.

Genie - No Caste. Too powerful for human things like this.

the Sultan - A One, for sure.

Royal Guard - Every single people in the Royal Guard is a Two.

The Lion King & The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Simba - Prince, later king. He couldn't be more One.

Nala - As we see she was a really great friend to Simba as a cub, and her mother was in a good relationship with Simba's mother, the queen, Sarabi. I think she would be on a good place, maybe a Two or a Three. I don't know why I feel Three. After marrying Simba she becomes a One.

Scar - Even if he wasn't satisfied with his status, as the king's brother he was a One.

Mufasa - The best One ever.

Sarabi - I don't know anything about her backstory, but as Mufasa's wife she was a One.

Rafiki - A person who stood very near to both kings (Mufasa & Simba), he would be probably a Two.

Zazu - As a steward he would be maybe a Six, but watching him in The Lion King gives me feelings more about Zazu being a Two.

Timon & Pumbaa - They would just ask, who really cares about it? Timon, along with the other Meerkats would be a Seven. About Pumbaa we don't know what he did in the future (or I don't remember), but as an outcast his - and Timons, too - lifestyle would be similar to an Eight's if they didn't meet each other and start a new life with their philosophy Hakuna matata. In the second movie they're Twos as Simba's trusted guardians.

Kiara - The future Queen of Pridelands is a One, of course.

Zira - Before Scar's ruling she would be probably in a lower Caste, maybe a Six or a Seven. After Scar became the king, as the biological mother of Scar's - possibly - son, Nuka and the mother of Scar's adopted son, Kovu she would be a Two maybe. After being banished to the Outlands she, as an outsider, would become an Eight.

Kovu - As Scar's adopted son and the future king selected by Scar, he was born a One. Later, banished to Outlands, as an outsider, he would be an Eight. After marrying Kiara and becaming the future king of Pridelands he is a One again.

Vitani, Nuka & all Outsiders - Outcasts, Eights.

the Hyenas - Outcasts, Eights, too.

The Little Mermaid[4]

Ariel - The Princess of Atlantica, later also the Princess of Eric's kingdom. One, One, One.

Eric - A prince. One. If he was just a sailor, what would he be? A Three? I don't know. What a sailor is...? 

Ursula - When she lived in the palace she woulb be maybe a Two, even if I don't know what her job was. After being banished she probably would became an Eight. For that little time she was the ruler of Atlantica, she was a One.

Sebastian - As a musician he would be a Five, but as the Royal Court Composer he is maybe more a Two.

Flounder - Ariel's best friend should be a Two.

King Triton - A king. One.

Chef Louis - Servants are always Six. But I guess he is a chef so maybe he would be a Four.


Hercules - When he was born, he was a god, without Caste, 'cause why would gods have Castes? But if they have, he would be a ONE. After becaming a human and being adopted by Amphytryon and Alcmene who are probably Fours he would be a Four. After being famous as a hero he would be a Two.

Megara - We know nothing about that where Meg comes from, but seeing her attitude and look, I think she should be a Three. Or maybe a Two. After marrying Hercules she would be a Two for sure.

Zeus & Hera - If we give to gods a God Caste they would be Ones as the King and the Queen of Gods.

Hades - And in this case as Zeus' brother, Hades would be a One, too.

Phil - A trainer & teacher, Phil would be a Three.

Pain & Panic - These two were servants of Hades, so they would be Sixs.

Amphytryon & Alcmene - They were farmers, but it counts a lot if they were the owners of a farm or just worked on a farm. In the first case they would be Fours, in the second Sevens. But according to their lifestyle (poor, but not that very) they were more Fours. After Hercules becaming a famous hero, they would be Twos, too.

the Musees - Even if they're godesses, as artists they would be Fives. But being a Five at gods doesn't sound that bad...


Rapunzel - As the Princess of Corona, she was born a One. In the tower it doesn't count what she was, but if she would become a painter ('cause se loved paint :'D) she would be a Five. 

Eugene - An orphan thief; Eight. After marrying Rapunzel he would be a One, of course.

Mother Gothel - What a good question. We don't know what her job was, but she had anough time and money, too to go on a long trip for paint for Rapunzel. So her status couldn't be that bad... According to the backstory created by me (I wanna share it someday with you) she would born a Seven. But in the movie... I just don't know.

Maximus - OK, weird, I know, why to speak about a horse's Caste. But he would be a Two. Point.

King Frederic & Queen Ariana - Ones.

Treasure Planet[7]

Jim Hawkins - His mother owns a restaurant, so he would be a Four. But on the ship he did a Six's job.

John Silver - Do pirates have a Caste? I don't think so. If yes, then they're maybe Eights. Sorry for that, Silver was a really great pirate - after a while. On Captain Amelia's ship he did a Six's job.

Dr Delbert Doppler - A doctor, I mean not a doctor, I mean he is a doctor, but not that kind of doctor... :D So someone who's very clever & intelligent. Three, obviously.

Captain Amelia - Maybe a Two...? That's my problem, I don't know captains and ship men how count... But as a captain on a ship she would be maybe a Two, after marrying Dr Doppler a Three, I guess. But I'm not sure.

Sarah Hawkins - As a restaurant owner, she would be a Four. But what was her husband? Noone knows. But maybe a Four, too.

The Emperor's New Groove[8]

Kuzco - He is the EMPEROR. The powerful, the amazing, the only... OK, stop it. One.

Pacha - I don't really know. Their family seemed pretty happy and not being in a really bad situation. I think he does maybe a Four's job, which makes him a Four.

Yzma - As the royal advisor, she was obviously a Two. After losing this job she would stay a Two, of course. After becaming the emperor, she would be a One. After this, as a cat maybe nothing. :D Probably, as a traitor, an Eight.

Kronk - Yzma's servant, Six.

Chicha & their children - As Pacha's family, who probably does a Four's job, they are Fours, too.

Mata - I thought she was the owner of the restaurant, but not, she was just a waitress. Then Six.

Beauty and the Beast[9]

Belle - As Maurice's, an inventors daughter, she would be a Three. Because her father was before the big succes, they would be probably a bit poorer Threes. After marrying the Beast (also known as Adam) she would become a One with her status as a princess.

the Beast - A prince, even if just of a dukedom. One.

Gaston - What a hunter is??? I don't know why I think a Four. But in this case a very popular & a not that typical, poorer Four. 

LeFou - We don't know what was LeFou's real job, but seeing that how he acted to Gaston, he would be from a lower Caste. He would be probably a Six.

Mrs Potts, Lumiére, Cogsworth, Wardrobe & all servants - They are all Sixes, servants are all Sixes. Oh, and yes, Chip wasn't a servant really, he was too young, but in fact, as Mrs Potts's son he is a Six, too.

Maurice - As I mentioned, as an inventor he would be a Three. 

Atlantis: The Lost Empire[10]

Milo - Remember this: people who do job which are connected with knowledge about Sciences are always Threes. So as a linguist he would be a Three. And his grandfather being an explorer would make him being a Three, too, so he would be a Three for sure. But as a plumber he did a Six's job. After marrying Kida he would be a One as the King of Atlantis.

Kida - Royalty as hell, a princess, later a queen. One, of course.

Rourke - I say sorry in advance, I don't know pointly everyone's original occupation, so I had to watch them on the Wikia. Just sayin'. Rourke as a Mercanary is a military member which makes him a Two.

Mole - A Geologist, another people who works with him brain (OK, in his case not just with his brain), a Three.

Vinnie - As a demolition expert he would be a Two. But according to his backtory, they had a flower shop which he wants to reopen. This is a Four's thing. But his mania is blow things up, so he would be definitley a Two.

Dr Sweet - Just lokk at his name. A doctor. A Three.

Audrey - She is a chief engineer which makes her a Three. It is interesting for the sake of her sister as a boxer would be a Two.

Mrs Packard - Again a question: what a communicator should be? A Three maybe?

Cookie - As a chef he has the lowest Caste, he is most likely a Four.

Helga - Another military member, a lieutenant, Two.

Preston Whitmore - A millionaire. Two, of course.

101 dalmatians[11]

Cruella de Vil - We don't really know what she did, but according to her lifestyle, she was just a rich heiress. A Two I think.

Roger - As a songwriter he is a Five. According to the movie it can be possible, he didn't live in the best conditions, but when his song was succesful, he had a better life. It can be a bit similar to America's brother, Kota in the Selection series who sold a sculpture which made him rich. But still a Five.

Anita - In the animated movie we know nothing about Anita's job, watching her she reminds me of a Three, but after she marries Roger she didn't work. Then what? That's sure, after marrying Roger she is a Five.

Jasper & Horace - As Cruella's henchman, I think, they are probably Sixes.

I think for today that's all, but I plan to make one of this in Pixar version. What do you think? See you again.

xxx, E

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