Veda is a character in Happily Ever After. She was Celeste Newsome's maid.

Biography Edit

America Singer hadn't known much about her until a nurse tells her that she, along with other of Celeste's maids, would come in the hospital wing for ice. Celeste sometimes hit them or threw things at her and the other maids. Because of that, she was afraid of her "lady".

In Happily Ever After, after Celeste stormed into her room, she told to Veda and the other maids to get out and threw shoes at her. Celeste destroyed things, but then she regretted her behavior. She called Veda and they cleaned up the mess together. Celeste apologized to Veda for her actions and Veda, surprised by her sudden turn of heart, reassured her not to worry about it.

Personality Edit

Veda is quiet and scared of Celeste. Despite this, she continued to serve her and call her "Lady". She is also brave and willing to take the pain she felt. She forgave Celeste easily after she apologized for her behavior.

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