Women's Room

Name Women's Room
Location The Palace in Angeles
Inhabitants The Royal Family, friends of the Royal Family, and servants (mostly maids to the Queen,) of the Royal Family.
Status In Use
Appearances The Selection
The Elite
The One
The Heir
The Crown
Happily Ever After

The Women's Room is a room in the Palace.

The Room[edit | edit source]

The Women's Room, when the Selected for Prince Maxon's Selection were there, had been changed from the mirrors and racks to a room with more seating, it seems. America Singer described it as "tables and chairs dotted the floor along with some very comfortable-looking couches." It also had a television.

The Women's Room is where the Selected's makeovers took place: "Silvia told us the space we were currently using to get pampered was the Women’s Room." — America Singer

In The Heir it is mentioned that the Women's Room is titled after the deceased Celeste Newsome. It is now called "The Newsome Library", although it is stated by Eadlyn that America is the only one using this name.

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