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Zoe Peddler was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Four chosen for the Selection.


During Prince Maxon's Selection, Zoe was one of the girls who inquired about America Singer's date with Prince Maxon. When America was being evasive, Zoe asked her if she was doing that purposefully.

Before filming the Illéa Capital Report on a Friday, Zoe, who was to America's left, asked America if she had lipstick on her teeth and smiled "maniacally" to show her teeth. Then she asked about Maxon's calmness and pointed to the Prince. Oddly, she then "put her head between her legs and started doing controlled breathing". America and Marlee Tames found this amusing but did not make fun of her.

Later, when the Selected Girls were in Women's Room, Zoe was seen by America with Emmica Brass and Janelle Stanton listening to Kriss Ambers intently. After that she was noticed "biting her nails." Her grumpiness was because she had not yet had a date with Maxon. Next to her, Emmica, and Janelle, Celeste and Anna were having a conversation.

After Olivia Witts had announced to some girls in the Women's Room that Maxon had kissed her to everyone and the girls talked to her and had discussions, Elise Whisks "burst into the room, followed by Zoe and Emmica". She showed off combs that Maxon had given her.